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Fairways For Warriors Healing Unseen Wounds Veteran Hope Golf Family


Warriors can’t heal alone. We recognize the sacrifice and struggles of the families who support them. The cost of war impacts not only those who are serving, but the millions of family members they leave back home. The struggles of coping with their loved ones’ absence is only overshadowed by the struggles they face once they return.

Healing is not just for the combat wounded veterans; it’s also for their families who have been directly impacted by the hardships the combat wounded veterans have faced. We provide an environment where combat wounded veterans and their families can heal through the game of golf. We create a support system that allows for them to come together and form bonds with other families who often may have experienced the same or similar situations.

We can help provide gently used golf equipment, instruction, and outings to combat wounded veterans and their family members who wish to participate, as well as offering therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger management, marriage counseling, and financial counseling.

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